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What is so different about us compared to all the other platforms on the internet? We don’t have big offices, we don’t have big marketing budgets, what we do compete with is pricing.

The platform is designed to bring the best pricing we can to you the client. Whether you are a business, or individual, it is important to get best value for your dollar. So we bring everything into one platform.

Flights – The innovative flight search will not only find the best option for your specific dates, but it will also offer another period when the cost may be even lower;

Hotels – we have two platforms – the search engine designed to find the cheapest available on the open net, and our own platform that has discounted prices across the board;

Choice – sometimes you just can’t beat the mega-owners, they may have a tactical deal that is unbeatable. So we give you them as well;

Cars – we bring in specific search platforms and also have direct to company capabilities to allow you to compare in one place;

Experiences & Adventure – over 3,000 experiences in Australia and New Zealand where members can book tours, attractions & activities at a discount;

Concerts & Sports – we use TicketMaster, let’s face it they are the best;

GoCity – if you haven’t seen this yet get ready for an eye opener, perfect for tourist travel where you want to see a lot of sights in different cities but pay one fee only.

Some of the prices need to be behind a member password and not on the open web. So join now for free at mycartetravel.com

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